Although classically trained, I discovered my home in beatbox flute & improvisation.

It’s my joy to share this unique art-form with audiences & students alike through engaging concerts & interactive workshops.


As an artist, I’ve intentionally chosen a path that celebrates music’s ability to bridge the gap between people of different cultural, religious, & socio-economical statuses.

Whether teaching beatbox flute at a university in Beijing, or leading a music workshop in a Chinese orphanage; whether performing a 1-to-1 concert in Switzerland or facilitating music workshops with refugees; whether playing music in a Kolkata brothel or coaching flutists in Hungary—I cherish bringing people together through music.


Second Naiveté

"Second Naiveté" is a project that links university flute students & orphans in China through beatbox flute.  


Interactive. Fun. Effective. From beatbox flute, to body percussion, to playing bottles as instruments.


Collaborations with artists across various disciplines.




Spontaneous, instrumental improvisations inspired by Icelandic landscape.

Spontaneous, instrumental improvisations inspired by Icelandic landscape.


Personal update: Earlier this summer, I finished my second MA in Switzerland, and I moved back to the USA for several months. It's a big transition after having lived abroad for 6 years. But I'm soaking up precious family time and enjoying (for now) a slower pace of life.


I recently returned from Tokaj, Hungary at the


It was my 4th year of coaching beatbox flute during the Crescendo Summer Institute, and I absolutely loved it (as always!) The students were so motivated and simply a joy to work with.


Here's a live performance during the Crescendo Summer Institute of my original piece "Discover" for Beatbox Flute.


Live at the Crescendo Summer Institute - Tokaj, Hungary 2018


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