Although classically trained, I discovered my home in beatbox flute & improvisation.

It’s my joy to share this unique art-form with audiences & students alike through engaging concerts & interactive workshops.


As an artist, I’ve intentionally chosen a path that celebrates music’s ability to bridge the gap between people of different cultural, religious, & socio-economical statuses.

Whether teaching beatbox flute at a university in Beijing, or leading a music workshop in a Chinese orphanage; whether performing a 1-to-1 concert in Switzerland or facilitating music workshops with refugees; whether playing music in a Kolkata brothel or coaching flutists in Hungary—I cherish bringing people together through music.

Originally from the United States, I’ve grown to call several other countries “home” as well. After completing a BA at Wheaton College (IL, USA) with Dr. Jennie Brown, I taught music in Kunming, China for two years at a community arts school. Afterward I studied in Switzerland for four years with Christian Studler, completing two Master’s degrees in flute performance and artistic mediation at Bern University of the Arts.   

I'm passionate about connecting with artists across disciplines, blending genres, and breaking expectations so that unlikely audiences can have meaningful artistic experiences. Collaboration is the sweet-spot where these things happen.


CLICK HERE to look at some of the collaborative arts projects I've organized & been a part of.