An original beatbox flute composition performed live at the Crescendo Summer Institute - Tokaj, Hungary 2018

"Trio for One: Determination" for beatbox flute & piano by Karen Brubaker Live in Chongqing, China - December 2018

"下雨了(XiaYuLe / It's Raining)" for Mouth Percussion, Flute, Voice, and Live Electronic by Karen Brubaker with Merlin Züllig
Live in Bern, Switzerland

Vermont Counterpoint, for Flute (doubling Piccolo and Alto Flute) and Tape (1982) by Steve Reich
Karen Brubaker, flutes - David Zürcher, video animation

An original arrangement performed live at Église St. François in Lausanne, Switzerland on 3. December 2017.

Second Naiveté Full Concert - 11. June 2018 - Bern, Switzerland. Second Naiveté is an on-going project to connect university musicians with orphans in China. This performance showcases the project and was my MA thesis concert at the Hochschule der Künste Bern.

Greg Pattillo's "3 Beats for Beatboxing Flute" performed live in Tokaj, Hungary during the Crescendo Summer Institute.

"In C" for any number of any kind of instrument (1964) by Terry Riley - Live in Bern, Switzerland